Skills: Web design/development, project management, CMS training, content strategy and marketing, social media marketing

Since the company was formed in 1992, Colours has been at the forefront of innovation within the disabled community. Not only has Colours made some of the most technologically advanced wheelchairs in the world, weighing in at a surprising 14lbs, but they also empower the independence of the most inspiring, powerful people in the world. Team Colours empowers an endorsement list that includes world class athletes, reality TV stars and many civic leaders.

Colours and Joe Holt of Full Strength creative came into partnership when the company wanted to revamp their web presence in such a way that the company would be in position to become a stronger resource for end users of the brand and medical professionals alike

Full Strength worked hand-in-hand with the client to design/develop/launch a customized dynamic CMS web solution for the company.

We proceeded to train Colours to operate the CMS independently, and designed the project to market not just their products/services but also their end users

Key Performance Indicators

Project was designed to be an easy to use guide/resource network for end users and medical professionals while becoming familiar with all that Colours offers

We built the website using wordpress, so we were able to train Colours how to use the website independently. This allowed Colours to be consistently adding products, services, blog posts and other materials related to their endorsement team

Colours has always prided itself on great relationships with other medical professionals so in addition to numerous galleries and product catalogs we built a one-of-a-kind nationwide dynamic dealer locater, and online order forms.

Full strength creative is very proud of our on-going relationship with Colours.  Current projects include,  numerous software integrations to streamline the process of ordering/purchasing custom medical equipment.  We are also working with the company to develop a full on user driven resource network for the disabled

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