Skills: Web design/development, project management, content strategy and marketing, social media marketing, in bound marketing and event booking


Hired by Psycho Realm and management Kevin Benson to work alongside legendary radio promoter Ralph Tashjian and storied financial officer Jeff Clayborne founded Blast Music, a new media start-up and releasing arm.


Blast Music needed to improve the groups’ digital landscape, drive traffic to social networks and monetize those efforts in support of their most recent release Terror Tapes 2.


After a quick audit of all digital assets, our team developed a new Psycho Realm website and worked hand in hand with decision makers to create/close a viral loop for fans consuming past content.

We also booked major US tour dates to support the release of the album Terror Tapes 2

In addition we coordinated blog outreach/press campaign and content release plans with all team members leading up to the release of the album

$ Results

Key Performance Indicators

  • Coordinated press efforts with label and artists’ teams including post in LA Weekly, OC Register and across all major hip-hop outlets
  • Built/excecuted a content marketing startagey and subsequent in bound marketing campaign from 2k-8k subscribers using FanBridge.
  • Worked with artist and label team to execute a double opt-in sms campaign resulting in over 800 subscribers at Paid Dues Festival 2012.
  • Booked select tour dates in key markets including NYC and Los Angeles surrounding the release of the album
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